The Four Lights – Tales of Arise Guide


The Four Lights – Tales of Arise Guide

These are the special enemies that emerged from The Wedge during the latter part of the game. There are 5 of them in all. One of which you have to beat during

LEVEL UP FAST! How to Get SUPER XP Boost Artifact in Tales of Arise

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Here’s a guide on how to unlock the Super EXP Boost Artifact in Tales of Arise to level up fast. How to farm XP in Tales of Arise.

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Tales of Arise Combat 101: The Fundamentals of Battle | Backlog Battle

Thanks to Bandai Namco for providing this game code!

If you’re a newcomer to Tales, this guide is for you! This extensive guide will feature almost everything you need to know to understand and manage battles from two different perspectives. You’ll also learn how to switch characters while doing Boosts, as well as swap party members between active and reserve without going into the menu! If you have any questions about Tales of Arise’s combat, please post your questions in the comments! I’ll be answering them as much as I can! And if you’re a Tales veteran, post your tips and tricks in the comments as well!

0:00 – Introduction

Part I: Understanding Solo play

0:52 – How Tales is different from other action games
3:07 – Using Normal Attacks vs. Artes
4:07 – Some tips on how to choose Artes
6:40 – Recap (1 of 2)

Part II: Time to Party

8:20 – All about Boosts
9:47 – Boost Special Properties
10:49 – Changing party members while in combat
12:09 – Two different play styles
13:27 – One slight Strategic tweak…
13:51 – Recap (2 of 2)
16:15 – Conclusion

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Lord Almeidrea & Mesmald Boss Guide! [Tales of Arise]

In this video you’ll see the Lord Almeidrea and Mesmald Boss Battle in Tales of Arise, and I’ll give you easy tips and tricks to more easily win this boss battle!

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Tales of Arise gameplay guide, covering advanced combat tips and useful upgrade systems.
Extend your combos, improve healing, earn fast EXP & Gald, exploit weaknesses, and more!

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Access to this game on PlayStation 5 was provided by Bandai Namco.

00:00 Intro
00:33 Quick Swap Characters
00:44 Multi Character Combos
01:13 Movement Speed Boost
01:38 Enemy Element Type
01:57 Weakness Exploit
02:11 Elemental Defense
02:31 Quick Swap Reserves
02:50 Interrupting Casting
03:17 Weapon Element
03:34 Arte Proficiency
03:50 Arte Improvement
04:21 Boost Invulnerability
04:39 Improve CP Healing
05:15 Weak Spot Targeting
05:28 Boost AG Gain
05:52 Skill Trees
06:12 Quick EXP & SP
06:52 Easy Gald From Fishing
07:40 Outro

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