VRChat Has Banned Mods, and the Community Has Gone Wild

VRChat Has Banned Mods, and the Community Has Gone Wild

The developer of VRChat has banned all mods for its virtual reality-based social platform, and the community is incredibly unhappy.

the dark side of vrchat

Just from watching vrchat videos you will have a misconception on what the game is really like. This video explains the dark side of vrchat i’ve came across after playing for over one year.

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the dark side of vrchat


VR chat banning people for mods, #BanVRChat Twitter, VR chat gate, banned from VR chat

VR chat banning people for mods, #BanVRChat Twitter, VR chat gate, banned from VR chat. Furry Historian

UPDATE; VR chat has recently made an announcement, saying that they will be working with mod makers to create a middle ground. However at this current time it is not clear how, or if this is going to solve this particular issue.
I was not talking about malicious Mods, I am specifically talking about accessibility mods. These are non-malicious and help people with bigger fonts. Also, regardless of what an end-user agreement says if they do not comply with federal law, it is a moot point. They do not have the legal right to ban people for having disabilities. Since, VR Chat is a business they must comply with the Americans with disabilities act, and Canada Bill C81, if they want to do business in the US and Canada. All entities regardless if they are a business or nonprofit must comply with these Laws. Finally, I was simply just telling people what was occurring on the platform, because I felt users needed to know about it. I also stated that this is happening with many other users. I just wanted to report the news about the platform situation, because I felt it was important.

VRChat Mods are Banned.

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This video is me giving my genuine thoughts and criticisms on the VRChat team’s decision to remove modded clients from the game. This is not meant to be harassment. I will not tolerate any form of harassment in the comments or within my discord.

– VRChat is a Virtual Reality social game where you can meet and talk with friends new and old in VR!

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VRChat’s Response Was Disappointing..

It’s mostly disappointing to me that we ,even after this new announcement, don’t know what features VRChat is planning OR when these features could come to the game STILL, VRChat still rolled out the EAC update today regardless of recognizing that this will make the game unplayable for a huge amount of people. I am definitely pro mods in this situation but I still want to know what everyone thinks and what they would of done in VRChat’s situation.

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