The 25 Most Iconic Comic Book Covers of All Time

The 25 Most Iconic Comic Book Covers of All Time

From Giant-Size X-Men to The Dark Knight Returns, these comics prove you can judge a book by its cover.

Top 10 Comic Book Covers Week 21 NEW COMIC BOOKS 5/25/22

Top 10 Comic Book Covers Week 21 NEW COMIC BOOKS 5/25/22

Welcome to 2022’s Top 10 Comic Book Covers of the Year. This is the video series where each and every week I share with you my top 10 comic book covers. At the end of the video you the viewer get to vote on what is your favorite comic book cover of the week by the time we get to the end of the year we will have six nominees and the winner will get that all-important title of comic book cover of the year so sit back relax enjoy the show and don’t forget fans to vote for your favorite comic book cover.

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25 Most Hardcore Comic Book Supervillains

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To be hardcore means to be completely devoted, singularly focused, and undoubtedly committed to an ideal. Couple that with being a supervillain and you have someone who is without a fraction of a doubt, evil. These 25 most hardcore comic book supervillains are the epitome of an evil power who does not care about life, pleasure, beauty, or anything good. Rather, these villains if given the opportunity to destroy anything and everything that is good, would not hesitate to do so.

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Here’s a preview:

Black Hand
Major Force
Gorilla Grodd
Black Adam
General Zod
Dark Phoenix
Red Skull
Doctor Doom
Lex Luthor

Top 50 Most Valuable Variant Covers

Continuing our COVERS theme – today we’re talking about VARIANTS! and not just the 100 different versions of Dark Knight II the Master Race, no we’re talking about the most sought after pricey crazy valuable Variants!

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Top 25 Comic Book Stories

In this video we take a look at my picks for the top 25 comic book stories of all time. Enjoy!

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