Origins Easter Eggs – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide


Origins Easter Eggs – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Guide

This page collects all Easter Eggs for the Zombies Map Origins. This map is available via the Apocalypse Map


I show you how to quickly do the easter egg on black ops 2 and 3 origins in under 60 seconds.
All staffs –
Fire –
Ice –
Lightning –
Wind –
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Origins Easter Egg Complete Walk-through 2 player co-op.

I strongly advise that you get the thunder fists boxes done as soon as you can, and get the robot beacon first before you construct the staffs and upgrade them, i hope you like the guide and have left the spoilers in a separate video for everyone!

Step #1: Build the 4 Elemental Staffs – Secure The Keys!

To construct the Elemental Staffs, you’ll need to collect the parts hidden throughout the map and bring them back to the underground secret chamber you opened earlier.
To find the 4 Elemental Crystals, you’ll need to place the Gramophone with the correct “disc” (actually a vinyl record) next to the wall marked “Crazy” in each of the elemental tunnels.
For a full explanation, check out the Black Ops 2: Origins — Elemental Staffs Buildables Guide.

Step #1.5: Complete the Ultimate Staffs

Once you have all four (4) Elemental Staffs, the team must complete puzzles in the “Crazy” place and around the trenches map.
See how to complete every puzzle, check out our walkthrough; Black Ops 2: Origins — How to Build all 4 Ultimate Staffs

Step #2: 5th Staff Altar, Place Keys in 3 Mechs – Ascend from darkness.

Once all four (4) Elemental Staffs have been turned into the Ultimate Staffs, a 5th Staff altar will appear in the center of the chamber. Now, the players must re-enter the three (3) giant mechs and place matching staffs.
Ice Staff: Place inside Fraya, the Mech in the far left side of the map.
Thunder Staff: Place inside Thor, the Mech in the far right side of the map.
Wind Staff: Place inside Odin, the Mech in the center of the map.
Finally, place the Fire Staff on the new pedestal that appeared in the center of the chamber described earlier (it appears after upgrading all 4 Elemental Staffs) and Samantha’s voice should play.

Step #3: Destroy the Seal – Rain fire.

Enter one of the giant mechs — any one mech will do. Inside the head, look for a bright red button.
Have a teammate with the G-Strike Beacon wait by the Seal located south of the Stamin-Up upgrade, outside the traversable area of the map. Don’t miss!
Once the beacon is in place, have a teammate hit the button inside the giant mech to launch the strike.

Step #4: Send Maxis Drone into the Seal & Defeat the Panzer Soldat Horde – Unleash the horde.

(i suggest you use the Fire staff and hold it down as when they walk over the lava plume it will kill them near instantlly)

Next, prepare for a big fight. Bring the Maxis Drone near the Seal to send it in — two (2) Panzer Soldats will spawn per player.
You can build the Maxis Drone at any point in Origins. Find the locations below:
Brain: Down the stairs, on a desk in the Spawn Room.
Frame: Near the Ice Tunnel, outside the road into the Tank bunker, and the tank entrance to the Church.
Rotors: All over the Excavation Site — near the secret stairs, near the Pack-A-Punch, or near the lever inside the site.
The Maxis Drone only lasts 90 seconds before returning to the recharge table. Grab it and take it to the Seal to unleash the horde of Soldats.
Defeat them all, and the Maxis Drone will be unavailable until a later step.

Step #5: Destroy the Invisible Plane & Zombie – Skewer the winged beast.

Use Zombie Blood to see a plane and a zombie that were previously invisible.
Look up in the sky and shoot down a plane spewing fire while affected by Zombie Blood.
With Zombie Blood, shoot the strange beast moving in circles around the Excavation Site. Collect the Maxis Drone from the body.

Step #6: Upgrade the Thunder Fists – Wield a fist of iron.

Return to the Staff room and kill 20 zombies. The fists will then upgrade into the Iron Fists. Grab them, and prepare for the end. Each player has to do this step!

Step #7 – Opening the Portal – Raise Hell.

While in the “Crazy” place, place the four Ultimate Staffs onto their respective pedestals. Now you’ll need to kill zombies to infuse the staffs with souls.
Continue to kill until a portal appears. The achievement should now unlock, but there’s still one step left to complete this Easter egg.

Step #8: Reunite the Broken Family – Freedom. ( featured in part 2, achievement unlocks at the end of step 7 i didn’t want to include any spoilers if people are trying to keep the ending to themselves as a reward)

Send the Drone into the Portal, Walk up to the beam, press x GAME OVER, Enjoy your cutscene.

ULTIMATE ORIGINS EASTER EGG GUIDE: BO3 Zombies Chronicles Origins Easter Egg Walkthrough Tutorial


Easy best Origins Easter Egg guide for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles with best strategy, tips and tricks!

Players required:
– Solo or more

Gobblegum recommendations:
– Cache back
– Kill joy
– Dead of nuclear winter
– Perkaholic etc

Trophies / achievements available:
– Little Lost Girl

All Easter Egg Steps (please watch the video you melon):
0:00 Intro
1:31 Secure the keys
2:05 Ascend from darkness
2:52 Rain fire
5:58 Unleash the horde
6:53 Skewer the winged beast
9:37 Wield a fist of iron
11:49 Raise hell
13:16 Freedom

Weapons required for Origins Easter Egg and ending:
– All upgraded staffs
– Maxis drone
– G-strikes
– Bullet weapon for staff upgrades

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Origins Easter Egg Little Lost Girl Achievement SOLO PART 1 – Black Ops 2 Zombies

This 2 part tutorial shows exactly how to complete the Origins Easter Egg “Little Lost Girl” Achievement on Black Ops 2 Zombies. Completing the Origins Easter Egg in a solo match is probably one of the most challenging tasks of any zombie map in Black Ops 2. Completing the Little Lost Girl Achievement gives Xbox users 75 gamerscore points or a Silver Trophy for Playstation users. Origins is part of the Apocalypse DLC for Black Ops II. PART 1 of this tutorial provides a starting round strategy to help have all 4 elemental staffs upgraded quickly so you can begin the steps to the Origins Easter Egg (Steps of Vorkuta) as fast as possible. PART 2 starts at the end of round 11 with the Steps of Vorkuta following completion of the Elemental Staff upgrades. Since this is a fairly complicated easter egg, tutorials for building and upgrading each of the 4 Elemental Staffs are in separate videos. Everything else is included in this tutorial. Links to each of the Elemental Staff tutorials as well as how to get all 9 perks in Origins are in annotations at the end of this video as well as in the description below.

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To continue to PART 2 of this tutorial click the link below: &feature=share &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &index=9

—– Elemental Staff Tutorals —–

Ice Staff &feature=share &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &index=3

Wind Staff &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &feature=share &index=2

Lightning Staff &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &feature=share &index=2

Fire Staff &feature=share &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &index=4

How to get ALL 9 PERKS in Origins &feature=share &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &index=3

IRON FISTS – 1 Hit Kill until ROUND 37 – Origins Black Ops 2 Zombies &feature=share &list=PL9w32Nj-9ZDlUadcusm27L8pV-ue9KP8A &index=4

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